PPC Marketing – A Booming Trend

PPC marketing is an increasingly  popular ways for E-commerce sites to get traffic to their site. While it is usually not as cost efficient as SEO, social media and other channels, it’s a great way to get instant traffic – meaning you don’t have to wait months building up strength to your website and getting traction on social media.

The downside is of course that you have to pay for every visitor, however, if you know what your conversion rate is, as well as your expected profits per customer – it will be quite easy to determine whether your Adwords PPC campaign will be profitable or not.
The most popular platform for PPC is undoubtedly Google Adwords, this is an excellent place to start for many reasons. If you make a competative bid for a keyword in Adwords, your ad will appear on top of the search results in Google, which is where almost all the organic searches happen.


Google Adwords

The tools provided by Adwords are also extremely profitable and gives you unlimited options on how to optimize your campaign. Combined with the extensive data offered by Google Analytics, you can continously optimize your PPC campaigns untill you have a “killer campaign” that will outperform your competitors.

Within Google Adwords you can also find an amazing tool called the “Keyword Planner”, which you will find under the “tools” section. With the help of Keyword Planner, you can easily find all the relevant keywords to your business, to make sure your campaign covers them all. You can also view the competition for these words, which enables you to find good oppertunities to get traffic for less cost.



Golden nuggets

Sometimes you can find real “golden nuggets” by choosing less searched for words with lower competition. By having many such words instead of one big word with a lot of competition, you can get the same amount of traffic for just a fraction of the cost. Sounds pretty good right? So my top advice to you is – don’t get lazy. It’s very convenient to just setup a campaign, throw in the relevant words, set a price, start a campaign and then just let it sit.  However, doing this will make your expenses a lot higher and will lose you valuable traffic in the long term. So take your time to manage and optimize your Adwords campaigns, or hire someone to do it for you.


Other platforms
There are of course more platforms to than just Google Adwords. Some other platforms where you can create effective PPC campaigns include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Good luck on your campaigns!