5 Things to Look for When Choosing an SEO Agency

Many people hesitate at the chance to have professional SEO done for their business because they know it could cost them a small fortune. If you have used several free SEO tools and have seen little or no results, it might be time to find the best SEO Brisbane company.

Before choosing just any agency, keep these 5 things in mind so you will get the most of the experience and the results will last long-term.

1. Addressing Page Load Issues
When the pages on your website take too long to load, this definitely hurts the overall visitor experience. People are impatient these days, and if your web pages take more than a few seconds to load, they will leave and be on your competition’s website in the blink of an eye. The best SEO team can show you exactly why the pages are taking forever to open and clean up that content.

2. Ability to Clean Up Messes
The number if internal links on your website not only make it easier for search engine spiders to crawl, it helps to improve the user experience, getting your audience to the content they want to see fast. The best SEO company will use their link checking tools to see if every link is working. Dead links not only look unprofessional, it will hurt your ranking as they begin to accumulate. 

3. Focus on the Meta Fields
One of the most forgotten areas of the website is the meta fields These are areas in the admin section of the website that tell the search engines what content is on a page so they can be indexed and ranked accordingly. The SEO team will use their analytical tools to scour your website and uncover which meta fields are not filled in and which ones need some attention. The more attention the SEO team puts into addressing the meta fields, the easier it will be to get more traffic.

4. Creating a Functional Navigation Bar
The navigation bar at the top of each web page should do more than act like a map for your visitors. Within the navigation bar should be an about me page, contact us page, security page, privacy policy page, and information about the RSS feed on your website for readers to easily access and then download. The SEO experts have experience in designing appealing and functional navigation bars that improve the user experience.

5. Walking the Walk
It is one thing to make claims of being the best SEO company, it is another to show how good you really are. Before you make the decision to work with any SEO team, simply visit their website. Is the home page clutter free? How does the navigation bar work? Are all the links working? Kick the tires on that site because your website is going to look and function similarly if you hire this company.

Now you know why you need the experts to improve the design of your website. In no time at all you are going to start to see improvement and a steady flow of targeted traffic finding your web pages.